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Rhinoplasty Is A Form Of Cosmetic Surgery That Can Be Referred To As A Nose Job Or Nose Reshaping. The Goal Of This Treatment Is To Improve The Appearance And/Or Function Of The Nose.

Concerns Related To Appearance That May Be Remedied With Rhinoplasty Include The Following:

  • Crooked Nose
  • Drooping Or Prominent Nasal Tip
  • Nasal Tip Asymmetry
  • An Abnormally Wide, Long, Or Large Nasal Passageway
  • A Prominent Rise On The Bridge.
  • Initial Repair For Rhinoplasty That Did Not Work

The Nose Is Constructed From Upper Bone, Lower Cartilage, And Skin. All Three, Or Any Combination Of The Three, Can Be Modified Through Rhinoplasty. Your Surgeon Can Boost Your Self-Esteem And General Well-Being By Correcting Any Nasal Abnormalities Or Insecurities You May Have.

Restoration Of Normal Nasal Function Is Yet Another Benefit Of Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty Can Help You Breathe More Easily And Normally By Fixing Problems Like A Crooked Nose Or A Deviated Septum That Blocks Your Airway. Your New, More Attractive Nose Comes With The Extra Bonus Of A Clear Airway.

Rhinoplasty Types

Open Rhinoplasty

For Plastic Surgeons Of The Past, This Has Always Been The Go-To Operation. The Columella, Or The Area In Between The Nostrils, Is Where The Incision Is Made During This Variation Of Rhinoplasty. After The Tissues Are Carefully Separated, The Underlying Nasal Structures Can Be Examined.

Nowadays, People Who Want Major Changes To Their Nasal Tip Or Who Need Extensive Precision Inside Their Nasal Tissues Typically Go For Open Rhinoplasty. There Will Be A Tiny Scar Where The Incision Was Made Because It Was Necessary. This Rhinoplasty Procedure Is More Invasive And Has A Lengthier Recovery Time.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Since The Nasal Tip And Internal Nasal Structures Are More Difficult To Access During A Closed Rhinoplasty, This Procedure Is Best Reserved For Patients Who Just Require Minor Tweaks. Nose Reshaping Is Performed Without The Need For External Incisions Or The Removal Of Any Tissue.

When Possible, A Closed Rhinoplasty Is Favored Because It Leaves No Visible Scars. In Addition, This Strategy Requires Less Time For Recuperation.

Additional Considerations from Your Surgeon

When Determining The Best Course Of Action For Your Cosmetic Nasal Operation, Your Surgeon Will Also Consider The Overall Appearance And Facial Proportions. Facial Dimensions, As Well As The Nose's Spatial And Esthetic Relationship To The Eyes, Mouth, And Chin, Will Be Taken Into Account.

There Are Always Potential Complications During Surgery, And Rhinoplasty Is No Exception. Among These Dangers Are:

  • Anesthesia Reactions
  • Difficulty With Breathing
  • Pigmentation Disorders
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Perforation Of The Nasal Septum
  • Unhappiness With One's Nose's Physical Appearance

Before Opting To Go Through With A Rhinoplasty, You Should Consult With Your Surgeon And Go Over These Potential Side Effects. However, With A Reputable Expert Like Dr. Giancarlo, Risks Are Greatly Minimized.


A Nasal Splint Will Be Provided; It Should Be Worn Continuously For Roughly A Week. There May Be Some Swelling Or Bruising Around The Eyes And Nose At This Time. The Majority Of Rhinoplasty Patients May Get Back To Their Regular Routines Within Two To Four Weeks. You Should Know That It Could Be A Few Weeks Before You Can Return To Work If Your Job Requires Heavy Physical Labor.

Your Swelling And Bruises Around The Eyes Should Fade To The Point That No One Notices After About Two Weeks. However The Final Swelling And Appearance Of The Nose Can Take Up To One Year . It May Be Possible To Resume Light Exercise After 4 Weeks , But You Should Check With Your Surgeon First.

Most Patients Report A High Level Of Satisfaction With Their Surgical Outcomes After 8-10 Weeks. However, Those With Thicker Skin Or Those Who Have Had Additional Surgery To Correct An Initial Surgical Error May Still Experience Considerable Swelling.

Now What's Most Important Is To Wait Patiently For Those Results To Materialize. Over The Next Three To Six Months, Your Nose Will Continue To Improve. Your Nose May Look Much Better After A Year And A Half Than It Did After The Initial 6-8 Months. Some People May Experience Longer-Lasting Swelling Than Others Because Of Their Unique Healing Processes. Again, The Most Important Thing Is To Keep Your Strength Up And To Keep In Touch With Your Surgeon To Make Sure Everything Is Recovering Properly.

Rhinoplasty Consultation

If You’ve Been Thinking About Getting A Rhinoplasty, Call Dr. Giancarlo Today. We Can Go Over All Of The Details, Determine If You Are A Good Candidate For The Procedure, And Start A Plan To Help Meet Your Aesthetic Goals.

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