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Having A Proportionate Body With Aesthetic Contours Are Fundamental To Obtaining An Aesthetic Physique. A Cosmetic Surgeon May Make Practically Any Part Of The Body Look Better By Using Liposuction To Improve The Area Into A More Desirable Form. This Can Result In Significant Benefits Despite Just Minor Outward Changes.

During Liposuction Surgery, Excess Deposits Of Fat Are Removed From A Patient's Body In Order To Sculpt An Improved Form. Although Liposuction Is Most Well Regarded As A Technique For The Removal Of Fat, It Is Also Among The Most Effective Procedures For Helping A Patient Modify Their Contour. Cosmetic Surgeons Like Dr. Giancarlo Also Frequently Resort To Liposuction In Order To Perfect The Results Of Other Treatments, Such As A Tummy Tuck. This Is Due To The Fact That No Other Method Permits Such Specific Alterations In The Body Contour.

During The Process, A Cannula, Which Is A Thin, Hollow Tube, Is Inserted Into Areas Of Excess Fat, And Your Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon Uses It To Carefully And Accurately Remove The Fat. During Liposuction, Dr. Giancarlo Will Drive A Cannula Into The Fatty Deposit While Using Suction. This Will Help Remove Any Surplus Fat Cells And Sculpt A More Toned Body Contour.

Liposuction Procedure

Depending On The Specifics Of The Liposuction Process, General Anesthesia, Intravenous Sedation, Or Local Anesthesia Can Be Used For An Effective Surgery That Does Not Require The Patient To Stay In The Hospital. Your Cosmetic Surgeon Will Advise You On The Type Of Anesthesia That Is Best Suited To Your Requirements After Assessing Them.

Dr. Giancarlo Will Make One Or More Discrete Incisions In The Area Surrounding The Treatment Area. These Incisions Are Then Used To Implant A Cannula, Through Which The Fat Is Extracted Using A Vacuum. It Is Possible That The Complete Process Will Take Less Than An Hour, But Could Also Take Up To Or Exceeding 2 Or 3 Hours, Depending On The Number Of Locations That Need To Be Treated.

Liposuction Results

Liposuction Has The Fortunate Effect Of Permanently Removing The Fat Cells That Are Removed Throughout The Procedure. However, Your Future Lifestyle Will Define Your Long-Term Outcomes, As It Is Always Possible To Build Fat Cells Once Again Through Poor Diet And A Lifestyle That Is More Sedentary. Even If The Fat Cells Are Redistributed In A Way That Is Slightly Different Than Before, They Still Have The Ability To Undo The Effects Of The Liposuction You Had Done Previously.

Liposuction Recovery

Recovery For Liposuction Is Largely Dependent On The Number Of Regions Being Treated, As Well As The Amount Of Fat Removed. In General, The Majority Of Patients Will Be Able To Go Back To Their Regular Office Jobs Within The Next Several Days. On The Other Hand, If Your Job Requires You To Move Or Lift Large Objects On A Regular Basis, You Might Have To Wait A Few Weeks.

Liposuction Candidacy

A Person Who Is A Good Candidate For Liposuction Will Have Areas Of Stubborn Fat That Cannot Be Reduced With Diet Or Exercise Alone. In Addition To This, It Is Recommended That You Are Within 25 To 30 Pounds Of Your Ideal Weight. The Removal Of Fat Is The Primary Focus Of This Surgical Procedure, Not Overall Weight Reduction. An Excessive Quantity Of Liposuction Would Result In A Significant Excess Of Skin, Which Would Require More Treatments In The Future.

Liposuction Consultation

If You Are Within 25-30 Pounds Of Your Ideal Weight, But Are Unhappy With Your Level Of Body Fat Or Fat Distribution, Contact Dr. Giancarlo Today For A Liposuction Consultation. We Can Go Over The Procedure, Address Any Questions Or Concerns, And See If Liposuction Is The Ideal Solution For Your Body Goals.

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