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A BBL, Or Brazilian Butt Lift, Relocates Unwanted Fat From The Stomach, Waist, And Thighs To The Buttocks And/Or Hips, Giving The Patient A Larger, More Rounded Posterior. This Simple Operation Is One Of The Most Popular Options For Body Contouring. Patients Appreciate The Fact That They Can Simultaneously Volumize And Contour Multiple Areas Of The Body Without Requiring Implants.

While Exercises Like Squats Can Tone The Muscles In Your Buttocks And Thighs, They Have Little Effect On The Shape Of Your Rear End.

This Is Because Genetics Play A Much Larger Role In The Appearance Of Your Butt. If Your Derriere Is Flat And Unimpressive, It Is Not Always Due To Lack Of Trying.

A BBL With Dr. Giancarlo Is Perfect For Those Looking To:

  • Enhance The Overall Appearance Of The Lower Body
  • Add Contouring And Shape To The Buttocks
  • Remove Fat From Tedious Areas Such As The Belly And Transfer It To The Backside
  • Create A Balanced Body Proportion
  • Develop An Hourglass Physique
  • Improve The Fit Of Clothing

Schedule A Consultation With Dr. Giancarlo If The Aforementioned List Seems Enticing To You.

UltraSound guided BBL Procedure

A Brazilian Butt Lift Is An Outpatient Procedure, Meaning You Can Go Home After The Procedure Is Successfully Completed.

In Order To Increase The Viability Of The Fat Cells And The Likelihood Of Their Successful Implantation Into The Buttocks, The Fat Transfer And Extraction Are Performed At The Same Time. The Average Time For A BBL, Which Can Be Performed Under Either General Or Local Anesthesia And IV Sedation, Is Between Two And Four Hours.

There Are Two Phases Of A BBL: Liposuction And Fat Transfer

During Liposuction, Dr. Giancarlo Will Remove Fat From Another Part Of Your Body (Usually Your Hips, Waist, Or Thighs). Once The Fat Has Been Removed, It Will Be Prepared For Injection Into The Buttocks.

To Enhance The Volume And Contour Of Your Buttocks, Your Surgeon Will Then Inject The Processed Fat Into The Buttocks Area. Fat Is Packed Into Particular Locations With The Use Of A Power-Assisted Cannula To Achieve The Desired Size And Form. To Ensure The Best Level Of Safety, The Fat Is Always Injected In The Subcutaneous Area (Above The Muscle) Undert Direct Visualization With An Ultrasound Device. This Is To Confirm Your BBL Will Be Performed As Safetly As Possible.

BBL Recovery

In Order To Get The Best Possible Results From Your Surgery, Your Doctor Will Offer You A Detailed Recovery Plan To Follow.

Important Postoperative Care Guidelines Include Staying Off Your Buttocks For 6 Weeks. Except While Using The Restroom And Short Periods Of 30-45 Minutes You Should Stay Off The Buttocks As Much As Possible.

After The First 2 Weeks Of Recovery, We Will Instruct You On How To Adapt Your Sitting, Lying Down, And Other Activities To Ensure A Speedy And Complete Recovery. After Having Surgery, Most Patients Can Go Back To Work In Two Weeks, And In Eight Weeks They Can Resume The Rest Of Their Normal Daily Activities.

If You Give Yourself Plenty Of Time To Relax And Take Pain Medicine As Prescribed, You Should Be Able To Recover From Surgery With Minimal Discomfort.

BBL Consultation

If You Are Interested In A BBL As A Means Of Achieving Your Desired Cosmetic Goals, Contact Dr. Giancarlo Today. We Can Go Over The Procedure In Its Entirety, Determine Your Candidacy, Address Any Concerns Or Questions You May Have, And Develop A Timeline To Meeting Your Goals As Soon As Possible.

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