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A Tummy Tuck Is A Surgical Procedure That Helps Generate A More Aesthetically Attractive And Athletic Overall Appearance By Tightening And Reshaping The Abdominal Region. This Procedure Is Also Known As An Abdominoplasty. Your Clothing Will Fit Much Better And Look Much Better On You If You Have A Flatter And Tighter Midsection. This Will Also Make You Feel More Confident And At Ease With Your Body.

Aesthetic Stomach Issues Can Be Corrected During Surgery By Tightening The Abdominal Muscles And Removing Excess, Sagging Skin. This Leaves The Abdomen Flatter And More Toned Than Before. Tummy Tucks Are A Common Surgical Operation For Both Men And Women, Especially Those Whose Bodies Have Experienced Significant Transformations As A Result Of Substantial Weight Loss Or Pregnancy.

There Are Different Levels Of Tummy Tucks As Well. If You Are Concerned About A “Pooch” In Your Lower Stomach, A Mini Tummy Tuck Is A Less Extensive Solution That Can Help To Remove The Pooch, Flatten The Abdominal Wall, And Restore A Smoother Appearance To The Stomach Below The Belly Button..

If You Have Issues With Overall Roundness, Excessive Skin Folds, And An Overall Appearance Of The Stomach, A Full Tummy Tuck Is Likely Your Solution. This Addresses The Entirety Of The Stomach Area In Order To Achieve The Flatter Look Desired.

A Circumferential Tummy Tuck Is One Where The Scar Goes All The Way Around The Waist To Address Dropping Skin All Around The Body Instead Of Just The Front.

A Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck Is For Those Patients Who Have Had A Significant Weight Loss And Are Willing To Accept A Scar Up The Center Of The Abdomen As Well As The Standard Lower Incision To Get Rid Of As Much Skin As Possile Not Only Vertically But Also Horizontally.

Abdominoplasty Candidacy

Best Candidates For A Tummy Tuck Are Those That Are Near Their Ideal Body Weight And In Good Health. If You Have Recently Lost Significant Weight And Your Stomach Doesn’t Quite Have That Firm Look You Desire, A Tummy Tuck Is A Viable Option. Likewise, If Your Skin And Abdominal Muscles Are Sagging And Stretched After Pregnancy, Abdominoplasty Can Help You Achieve A More Aesthetic Stomach.

Abdominoplasty Procedure

In Order To Do An Abdominoplasty, An Incision Must First Be Made Exposing The Abdominal Muscle. Next, Dr. Giancarlo Will Tighten The Muscles Of Your Stomach By Pulling Them Together And Utilizing Stitching To Position Them And Obtain An Appearance That Is More Firm And Toned.

After Trimming Away Any Excess Skin, The Remaining Skin Is Pulled And Smoothed In A Downward Motion In Order To Get A More Taut Appearance. During This Operation, Liposuction May Also Be Used To Remove Any Excess Fat That Has Accumulated.

Abdominoplasty Results

A Tummy Tuck Is A Permanent Solution, But The Way You Live Your Life Going Forward Could Have Unintended Repercussions. Extreme Weight Gain Can Result Not Only In The Accumulation Of More Fat But Also In Damage And Stretching Of The Abdominal Wall. This Is Because The Abdominal Wall's Surface Area Is Drastically Reduced Following The Tummy Tuck Treatment.

Because Pregnancy Can Bring About This Problem As Well, It Is Advised To Put Off Getting A Tummy Tuck For The Time Being If You Are Planning On Getting Pregnant In The Near Future.

Abdominoplasty Recovery

The Recovery Time For Abdominoplasty Is Fairly Long And Somewhat Difficult Because The Procedure Is Stressful On The Body. You Will Be Given A Compression Garment To Wear For A Maximum Of Six Weeks During Your Recovery. You Will Have Limited Mobility During This Period, And You Won't Be Able To Engage In Intense Exercise Or Lifting At All.

Abdominoplasty Consultation

If You Believe You Are A Solid Candidate For A Tummy Tuck, Contact Dr. Giancarlo Today. We Can Go Over Your Candidacy, Determine Whether Or Not A Tummy Tuck Is The Right Procedure For Your Specific Cosmetic Goals, And Help You Get On The Path To A Fitter Physique.

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