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I have been following Dr. Giancarlo for 2 1/2 years on instagram watching his very informative and educational interactive lives along with joining his private Facebook group. From my consultation, linking with Krystal the patient coordinator (who was very helpful with my medical clearance issues and assisting me with getting everything I needed), with Kathryn the Assistant Manager who sat down with me preop and went over everything and answered my questions to my surgery and post op, Excellent Service! Even the massage therapist Claudia was so informative and nice. Great job to the Medical Coordinator Julia as everything is so organized and put together well. With all the education and all my questions answered my surgery went well and my recovery is going great! My results of course is a resultado excelente!! Golden hands!!
Elisa Soto
Dr. G is the best overall Plastic Surgeon!! Dr. G not only has “ GOLDEN HANDS”, he has “BUTTERFLY FINGERS “!! I have never experienced the gentleness of getting Dysport injections until I meet Dr. G. Dr. G is overall “ Magical 💯”!!!
Carolann Maritato
Amazing service! Julia is very knowledgeable on all things skin care. She has helped me tremendously! I used to have very bad scarring and acne spots and she helped uncover the root issue & fix the problem for good. I recommend her 300%
Carol Soto
I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this clinic!!! I'm 13 weeks PO from CTT, FDL, breast lift with auto aug, and butt auto aug. Love my results and completely blown away!! I love Dr. G! How honest and transparent he is. He doesn't sugar coat, which I appreciate, and has a sharp sense of humor, which I appreciate too. But to put all of this aside, this surgeon earned "golden hands" nickname fair and square. He is so talented at what he does, and I knew all along that I was in good hands! 2nd, but just as important - Dr. G has the best staff you could ask for! Madelyn and Kathryn, that are still in touch with me, and have been all along the way, they are just incredible! I used their transportation while being there, and Manny the driver, is the sweetest human being!! It's a family owned business. Dr G and his Beautiful wife (inside and out!) - Julia. You definitely feel that you're part of the family. They truly care about their patients every step of the way. And I would recommend them a million times to anyone looking for a great plastic surgeon, being in really great hands, and not feeling like just a number, like in many other places! Love you guys! 🥰
Irina Braginsky
10/10 from the beginning until the end. Initial consult was in-person, Dr. G. was professional, knowledgeable and realistic. For the next 8 months Madelyn was my girl, she was patient and understanding, I never once felt unheard or pressured. She talked things through with me, listened and answered every last question I had. Pre op, day before surgery, Madelyn had everything ready for me, in office processes were smooth and efficient. I saw Dr. G, and again he was honest and present. That’s when I got really excited! Day of surgery everyone/thing was great, the post op nurse (who had reached out to me twice the previous week, explaining things and easing my mind) kept my mom updated throughout my procedure. Post op (and really the entire time) I NEVER felt like a number or just another pt., I was catered to by Madelyn, and anyone else in the office. My aunt even made the comment “ you can really tell he (Dr. G.) loves his job” referring to how he walked into him office, his positive attitude, how he treated his pts, their companions and his staff. Dr. G is not only a phenomenal surgeon, his a good person, his real and runs a great practice. Not one time was anyone/thing ever late or behind. My mom, who is a nurse, was so impressed by, Dr. G., his staff and their processes even scheduled a consult while we were there! And plans to book! Please note this is my second go around/revision (First time NOT with Dr. G, I repeat first surgery was NOT done by Dr. G.) And given the complications I had the first time, to say I was nervous would be an understatement. This experience beat any expectations and, I FELT SAFE IN DR. G’s HANDS.
samantha feaker
My experience with Dr. G has been amazing! Kathryn and Krystal were amazing to work with in getting everything coordinated for my surgery. I was coming from out of state so it was important for me to know exactly what to expect. Dr. G is very honest and will recommend exactly what you need in order to get the result you're looking for. I had lost a great deal of weight and ended up getting a CTT, Lipo360 and Breast Auto augmentation. I ended up having 5 lymphatic massages while I was in FL after surgery and they help tremendously with my healing. Both Claudia and Elizabeth were wonderful therapists. I am currently 7 weeks post op and my results are amazing. I would recommend Dr. G to anyone and I will be back to see him again! Thank you Dr. G and your entire staff!
Jennifer Hoff
Dr.G is very honest and will tell you how it is. He ensures that patients understand everything that goes into their procedures. His team is very nice and prepare patients for the aftercare. Overall, really great doctor and team members
Carys Reyes
Where to start!! From the very beginning with booking my surgery till my last day at the office everyone at Dr. Giancarlo’s office was so welcoming and helpful! I am a mom of Twin boys and a little girl. After having my children my stomach was a reck. I had an umbilical hernia where my belly button was non existent and a huge separation in my abdomen. This affected my life tremendously, I had trouble keeping up with my children from the separation and felt so uncomfortable and self-conscious of my body. I was asked weekly when my next baby was due:( Dr. Giancarlo’s golden hands changed my life when he repaired my stomach to its formal glory! I am so happy with how my surgery turned out and to have a belly button again! When it comes to his staff both at the office and surgery center they go over and beyond to make you feel safe and answer all questions! Special shout out to Kathryn and Krystal in his office. Kathryn was so helpful with scheduling me and answering my million e mails! Krystal was so sweet with helping me get to my massage appointments. She even met me at my car for my first appointment and helped me walk to the office safely! It was truly a privilege to be a patient at this office and I will never forget how they have changed mine and my families lives!! You will not regret booking with Dr. Giancarlo!
Jamie Yarnall
I can’t say enough about this boutique style, plastic surgeon ‘s office. Dr. G is so patient and answers all of my questions. I’m from Illinois and fly down for my surgeries. I’ve had great experiences with his staff as well. They provide excellent aftercare. Carol Ann has been my recovery nurse twice now. She is amazing and I love that continuity of care.
Lindsay Wilson
I had my first surgery with Dr. G in June of 2022 and I absolutely loved my results. I found his staff very helpful and kind. I’m going back in July 2024 for 2nd surgery to get other things I decided to forgo the first time. Over these past 2 years I’ve had checkups with Dr. G himself and I’ve also been in constant contact with Kathryn, who is incredibly sweet, informative, and supportive. I decided to go back to Dr. G because not only does his work speak for itself, but I’ve had good experiences with his staff and I truly appreciate how strict his health and safety policies are. I know I’m in good hands.
Lindsey “Pretty In Ink” Raines

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