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CO2 Laser Resurfacing Is A Form Of Cosmetic Laser Treatment That Utilizes High-Energy Light To Effectively Diminish The Visibility Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles, Thereby Minimizing The Indications Of Aging. It Is Commonly Carried Out On The Face, Neck, Hands, And Arms.

Light Energy Heats The Skin And Naturally Stimulates Collagen, The Protein That Contributes To Skin Elasticity. This Results In A Firmer And Smoother Appearance For The Patient.

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With Dr. Giancarlo, A CO2 Laser Treatment Has The Capability To Treat Cosmetic Skin Concerns Such As The Appearance Of Fine Or Deep Lines, Wrinkles, And Acne Scars. It Can Also Address Areas Of Skin Discoloration, Such As Sunspots And Age Spots.

CO2 Laser: How it works

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Employs Pulses Of Laser Light. The Beams Penetrate The Surface Of The Skin, Where The Water In The Skin Cells Absorbs Them.

When Such An Occurrence Takes Place, The Epidermis, Which Refers To The Outermost Layer Of Your Skin, Undergoes Vaporization. The Dermis, Also Known As The Middle Layer, Becomes Warmer, Thereby Promoting The Development Of Fresh Collagen Fibers. As The Affected Area Undergoes The Healing Process, Fresh Skin That Is Firmer And Smoother Gradually Replaces The Previous Layers.

During The Process Of CO2 Laser Resurfacing, Your Cosmetic Surgeon Can Precisely Focus On Particular Regions Of Your Skin, Ensuring That The Treatment Does Not Impact The Surrounding Skin.

CO2 Laser: Procedure

Before The Procedure, Your Skin Will Be Thoroughly Cleaned In Preparation For CO2 Laser Treatment. Special Eyewear Will Be Provided As Well To Protect Your Eyes From The Laser. A Local Anesthetic Will Be Used And Potentially A Sedative As Well, Depending On The Depth And Extent Of The Laser Treatment Being Used.

During The Treatment, A Laser Wand Is Slowly Moved Over The Treatment Area, And The Light Energy Heats The Skin, Starting The Process Of Resurfacing The Area.

When The Treatment Is Over, Dr. Giancarlo Will Apply An Antibacterial Ointment And Dress The Area With A Non-Stick Dressing To Aid In The Immediate Healing Process.

CO2 Laser Recovery

The Usual Recovery Time For CO2 Laser Resurfacing Is Around 1-2 Weeks. Adhering To The Aftercare Instructions Provided By Dr. Giancarlo Will Aid In The Healing Process And Reduce The Likelihood Of Complications.

During The Initial Few Days, Your Skin May Experience A Sensation Similar To Sunburn, Characterized By Itching, Stinging, And Peeling. The Skin Has The Potential To Develop Blisters, Release A Yellow Fluid, And Form A Crust.

After Approximately Five To Seven Days, The Skin Will Begin To Dry Out And Undergo A Peeling Process. The Skin Underneath May Exhibit A Pink Or Pale Hue, Which Will Gradually Adopt The Color Of Your Skin. This Procedure May Require A Duration Of Up To One Year.

Ask Dr. Giancarlo About The Potential Recovery Period For Your Specific CO2 Laser Treatment, As Each Individual Varies Depending On The Extent And Depth Of The Treatment.

CO2 Laser Consultation

Contact Dr. Giancarlo Today For A CO2 Laser Treatment Consultation To See If You Are A Qualifying Candidate. We Can Go Over The Process, Discuss Risk And Concerns, And Set You On A Path Towards Reaching Your Cosmetic Goals With CO2 Laser Treatment. Call Now!

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