Bariatric Surgery with Skin Surgery

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Bariatric Surgery, Also Known As Weight Loss Surgery, Is A Life-Changing Procedure For Individuals Struggling With Obesity. It Helps People Achieve Significant Weight Loss By Altering The Digestive System, Leading To Improved Health And Quality Of Life. While Bariatric Surgery Can Provide Numerous Benefits, It Can Also Result In Excess Skin That Can Be Bothersome And Impact The Overall Aesthetic Appearance. This Is Where Skin Surgery, Also Known As Body Contouring Surgery, Can Play A Vital Role In Enhancing The Post-Bariatric Body.

Bariatric Surgery Is A Major Step Towards Achieving Weight Loss Goals, But It Often Leaves Behind Loose And Sagging Skin Due To The Rapid Reduction In Fat Mass. This Can Be Especially Disheartening For Individuals Who Have Worked Hard To Shed Excess Weight And Improve Their Health. Excess Skin Can Be Uncomfortable, Interfere With Clothing Choices, And Even Cause Hygiene Issues. This Is Where Dr. Giancarlo And His Expertise Comes In. Skin Surgery Addresses These Concerns By Removing The Excess Skin And Tightening The Remaining Skin To Create A Smoother And More Toned Appearance.

Skin Surgery After Bariatric Surgery Can Involve A Variety Of Procedures, Depending On The Individual’s Needs And Aesthetic Goals. Common Procedures Include:

· Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

· Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

· Thigh Lift

· Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

· Body Lift

These Surgeries Target Different Areas Of The Body Where Excess Skin Is Present And Help Contour And Reshape The Body For A More Proportionate And Balanced Appearance.

Skin Surgery Benefits

One Of The Main Benefits Of Removing Excess Skin Caused By Bariatric Surgery, Aka Body Contouring With Dr. Giancarlo Is The Significant Improvement In Body Contour And Shape. Removing Excess Skin Not Only Improves The Overall Appearance But Also Allows Individuals To Better Appreciate And Enjoy Their Weight Loss Achievements. Skin Surgery Can Help Reveal The True Transformation That Has Taken Place After Bariatric Surgery And Provide A Boost In Self-Confidence.

In Addition To The Cosmetic Benefits, Skin Surgery Can Also Improve Comfort And Functionality. Excess Skin Can Be A Physical Burden, Causing Chafing, Rashes, And Discomfort. By Removing The Excess Skin, Individuals Can Experience Relief From These Issues And Enjoy A More Comfortable Day-To-Day Life. They Can Also Participate In Physical Activities And Exercises Without The Limitations That Excess Skin May Impose.

Skin Surgery Timing

One Year Is Best Advised. Once They’ve Reaching And Maintained Their Goal Weight For 6 Months To One Year.


Consulting With A Qualified And Experienced Plastic Surgeon Like Dr. Giancarlo Is Essential To Assess The Individual’s Specific Needs And Determine The Most Appropriate Procedures. The Surgeon Will Evaluate The Amount And Location Of Excess Skin, Discuss The Potential Risks And Benefits, And Develop A Personalized Surgical Plan To Address The Individual’s Goals.

Like Any Surgical Procedure, There Are Potential Risks Associated With Skin Surgery After Bariatric Surgery. These Can Include Scarring, Infection, Bleeding, Poor Wound Healing, And The Need For Additional Surgery. However, With Proper Planning, Preparation, And Post-Operative Care, These Risks Can Be Minimized.

If You Are Interested In Removing Excess Skin Caused By Weight Loss, Contact The Clinic Today. Dr. Giancarlo Will Consult With You About Your Goals, Candidacy, Benefits And Risks. In Person And Virtual Consultations Available.

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